Speaker at Flat Living the roadshow: Terri Wilkinson, Product Manager and Client Project Manager, Waterguard

Terri joined Waterguard in 2017 and now works as the Product Manager and Client Project Manager as part of a dedicated team.

As Product Manager, Terri has extensive knowledge of the complete Waterguard product range, enabling her to specify the best and most cost-effective solution for every client. Terri also works very closely with the Waterguard design team which allows her to pass on information and comments from clients, resulting in innovative systems which meet every client requirement.   

Terri and all other experienced Client Project Managers work closely with each client and, where applicable, their insurers, to mitigate the risk of water damage to their property and reduce the associated costs. As the leading designer and manufacturer of water leak detection and prevention products, Waterguard works within the construction and property industries from specification through to commissioning and final occupation.